Google claims quantum supremacy. IBM says, no you don’t. Google says, yes we did. IBM says, whatever. Read more about the quantum supremacy debate more.

Spotlight Story: 

“The calculation that Google chose to conquer is the quantum equivalent of generating a very long list of random numbers and checking their values a million times over. The result is a solution not particularly useful outside of the world of quantum mechanics, but it has big implications for the processing power of a device.” — Live Science


Quantum Computing Gets a Boost From AI and Crowdsourcing — IEEE Spectrum

Quantum Computing Explained (In Mere Minutes) — New York Times

Researchers Watch Quantum Knots Untie — Science Daily 

IBM Questions Google Quantum Computing Claims — Tech Radar

Surfing on Waves in a One-Dimensional Quantum Liquid — Phys.Org


How Should Crypto Prepare for Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’? — Coin Desk

The US Just Moved Ahead of China in Quantum Computing. But the Race Isn’t Over Yet — CNN

Survey Says Quantum Computing a Cybersecurity Threat — Security Boulevard

Samsung Joins Google and Amazon in Backing ‘Trapped Ion’ Quantum Computer Startup — Fortune 

Q-CTRL And Bleximo Partner for Application-Specific Quantum Computing — Inside Quantum Technology


Google Claims a Quantum Breakthrough That Could Change Computing — New York Times 


IBM Research Staff Member Quantum Algorithms — LinkedIn

Assistant Professor Institute for Quantum Computing — New Scientist



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