The Weekly Quantum Digest: Spooky Action Hits Record Levels on Weird-o-Meter

Quantum entanglement is at the centre of a mathematical proof.Credit: Victor De Schwanberg/Science Photo Library

How spooky is quantum physics? Pretty freaking unknowably spooky, according to researchers and more stories from the quantum realm. 

Spotlight Story: 

“Albert Einstein famously said that quantum mechanics should allow two objects to affect each other’s behaviour instantly across vast distances, something he dubbed “spooky action at a distance.” Decades after his death, experiments confirmed this, but to this day, it remains unclear exactly how much coordination nature allows between distant objects. Now, five researchers say they have solved a theoretical problem that shows that the answer is, in principle, unknowable.” Nature


3 Ways Quantum Computing Can Help Us Fight Climate Change — Big Think

Quantum physics: Controlled Experiment Observes Self-organized Criticality —

Here’s How Quantum Mechanics Lets Heat Cross a Vacuum  — Science News for Students

The Fastest-Spinning Object Ever Made Could Help Spot Quantum Friction in a Vacuum — Science News

Instant, Secure ‘Teleportation’ of Data in the Works — Network World

Controlling Qubits With Microwave Pulses Reduces Quantum Computer Error Rates, Increases Efficiency — Quantum Daily


Quantum Computing is cool at Intel’s Ronler Acres campus — Hillsboro News Times

Quantum Computing Could Be The Next Big Thing for Cloud Providers — CNN

Will France’s €5.5 Billion Startup Investment Pledge Bear Fruit For Quantum Computing?– The Quantum Daily 

IBM Now Has 100 Quantum Computing Customers — Motley Fool 


Why Should Non-Physicists Learn About Quantum Mechanics? — Forbes


Quantum Applications Scientist — Zapata

Mitacs Intern – Quantum Machine Learning Researcher — 1QBit

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Matt Swayne
Matt Swayne
Matt Swayne is a contributor at The Quantum Daily. He focuses on breaking news about quantum discoveries and quantum computing. Matt enjoys working on -- and with -- startups and is currently working on a media studies master's degree, specializing in science communication.

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