Microsoft releases Quantum Impact video series

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has been arguably a little quieter than competitors, Google and IBM, in the quantum computing race. Their latest videos series looks to put the business back on the scence.

Microsoft have two legs to their quantum strategy:

  1. Build a topological qubit quantum computer. You can read more at their blog here but, in short, these are currently not possible to build but offer scope for more better error correction.
  2. Provide access to quantum computing through Azure Quantum, Microsoft’s cloud offering. Azure Quantum enables customers to write one code that connects to any hardware advancements that come along—classical computers, quantum hardware from its partners, or its own quantum system (see above).

Like Google, IBM and other large corporates, quantum computing is only a very small part of what Microsoft does. Nonetheless, it looks like they are starting to put some serious budget in to their latest series, released on YouTube. Episode “zero” is provided below:

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Quantum Analyst
Quantum Analyst
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