TQD Announces Recruitment Partnership with Tekna search

The Quantum Daily is pleased to announce it is partnering with Tekna Search, a startup recruitment agency founded to support tech business.

Tekna Search are currently involved in the quantum space, assisting labs on the hiring of engineers, with candidates ranging from recent graduates to senior researchers.

“In a space where academia meets industry we can help with attracting the best researchers for your business”, said Vincent Yam, Co-Founder of Tekna Search. “The team are currently working on roles for engineers with experience in working with superconducting qubits, spin qubits, cryogenics, nanotechnology, experimental physics etc. If you are open to something new, or just wanted to talk about the current state of quantum computing, please feel free to get in touch.”

To find out more please email us at hello@thequantumdaily.com.

You can find out job board here.

Evan Kubes
Evan Kubes
Evan Kubes is a Director and Co-founder of The Quantum Daily.

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