The Weekly Quantum Digest: Quantum Computing Investor Market Map Helps Make Sense of Growing QC Ecosystem

Quantum Computing Investor Market
What’s in the Quantum Weekly? Hot qubits. Check it and see. Plus, the quantum computing investor market.

Looking for a guide through Quantumland? TQD releases Quantum Computing Investor Market Map, and, by the way, that market could be worth ONE TRILLION DOLLARS (in Dr. Evil voice), plus Intel and Qutech make advances toward practical quantum computing with hot qubits, and a lot more in this edition of The Quantum Weekly. 

Spotlight Story: Mapping Out The New World of Quantum Computing

“The Quantum Daily announces its inaugural version of the Quantum Computing Investor Market Map. We have worked through our dataset and categorised every investor by type, and by geography.”  


That’s Hot: Intel, QuTech Demonstrate Path to Controlling Qubits in Warm Temps The Quantum Daily

Inventing Grover’s Algorithm — The Quantum Daily

IBM, National University of Singapore to Partner on Quantum Computing Applications, Training — The Quantum Daily

Cambridge Quantum Computing and Total to Collaborate on Quantum Algorithms Aimed at Managing Carbon — The Quantum Daily


McKinsey Forecasts Quantum Computing Market Could Reach $1 trillion by 2035 — The Quantum Daily

Entrée Capital Announces $100m for Quantum Computing, Deep Tech — The Quantum Daily

1QBit’s Quantum Insights Network Arrives — The Quantum Daily

Qunnect Awarded $1.5 Million Grant to Develop Long-Distance Quantum Communication — The Quantum Daily

QC Ware Wins BPIFrance Award to Accelerate Quantum Machine Learning in France — The Quantum Daily


Debunking Myths About Quantum Cryptography — InfoSecurity


Chief Product Officer — Acumin Consulting

SoC Prototyping Engineer — Riverlane

Post-Doctoral Research Position in Superconducting Qubits and Circuit QED — Aalto University

Doctoral Research Position in Superconducting Qubits and Circuit QED — Aalto University

Quantum Research Scientist, Google AI Quantum — Google

Quantum Computing Software Developer — Institut Quantique

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Matt Swayne
Matt Swayne
Matt Swayne is a contributor at The Quantum Daily. He focuses on breaking news about quantum discoveries and quantum computing. Matt enjoys working on -- and with -- startups and is currently working on a media studies master's degree, specializing in science communication.

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