Books on Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a fascinating new area. With that topic in mind, we present today 2 interesting book reviews that will expand your view of the quantum computing industry.

  • Programming The Universe:

Seth Lloyd, author and Teacher at MIT, having worked with big names in physics like Murray Gell-Mann, wrote this incredible book, with the view that the whole universe can be understood as a large quantum computer that computes and generates information in the interactions of its fundamental particles.

Lloyd explains that the universe records and transforms information into its expansion movements, through the laws of entropy, saying that, according to his own words “Entropy is the information contained in a physical system that is invisible to us”.

This book brings a very interesting philosophical view of the world, shaped with a Quantum Computing mindset.

  • Quantum Computers 

Jon Schiller’s “Quantum Computers” book was born out of a lecture on quantum computing. The author attended at a seminar at the California Institute of Technology, Caltech which prompted curiosity, resulting in a survey of academic articles, and searches on google, resulting in the book.

Jon Schiller writes about how quantum computers works, how they differ from classic computers, what problems quantum computers can solve, privacy issues, shor algorithms, Entanglement, and some more interesting topics!

Looking forward for the opinions of those that read those books in the comments section!

Quantum hugs to all!

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