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We love data. In markets which are generally poorly understood, collecting and structuring reliable data goes some way to providing objective facts and actionable insights. We have been on a mission to make sure that this can be provided for quantum technologies.

What we offer

We have been collecting a lot of data over the past year.

We now track every quantum technology organization, every funding round and every investor. For each organization, we track their area of focus, their partnerships, key milestones and more. For each investor we track their portfolio, investment approach and participation in funding rounds.

We have started incorporating this information into a number of free dashboards to share with the community.

These can be accessed here.

data portal quantum


If you are interested in getting early commercial access to our deeper, structured, relational dataset, please contact us at We are currently working with multiple investors and government organizations to help them map the landscape.


We are constantly improving and iterating this, and would therefore really value your feedback. We’re a startup so we want to share our work early on (even if not perfect). Please email us at to get in touch with us.

Quantum Analyst
Quantum Analyst
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