The Quantum Daily partners with QURECA to create global opportunities in Quantum Technologies


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The Quantum Daily (TQD) is partnering with QURECA (Quantum Resources and Careers), a provider of services and business development for the quantum technology community, including the first online platform for training and recruitment. In 2019, the Royal Society described QURECA Ltd. as the company that “fills the gaps in the existing quantum community, creating a society ready for quantum through a common language.” One of the main components in creating a quantum technology community is to enable and educate the workforce with the relevant skills and competencies. QURECA supports the development of the quantum workforce by providing the necessary skills.

“It is a very exciting time! Companies collaborate more and more every day to build the quantum ecosystem together. We are in a quantum race where we all support each other.” said Dr. Araceli Venegas-Gomez, founder of QURECA and executive fellow at the University of Bristol Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre. Araceli also received The Optical Society Milton and Rosalind Chang Pivoting Fellowship to become a ‘global ambassador’ for quantum technologies. “TQD provides the leading news and information on the quantum market, and we are looking forward to this collaboration.”

TQD is the leading online resource dedicated exclusively to quantum technologies. It strives to be a connector between academia and industry, where it draws on a diverse team of entrepreneurs, technologists and journalists to create unique insights on the market. TQD will work with QURECA to provide a combination of market-leading information and intelligence, underpinned by resources and advice to support training and development in the space.

“Nascent industries are hard to understand, and the field of quantum computing and quantum technologies is no different” said Evan Kubes, co-founder of TQD.  “That’s why we’re excited to be collaborating with QURECA. We’re looking forward to supporting universities, entrepreneurs, executives, and investors in understanding quantum technologies by providing actionable information and data that can be relied upon by the community.”