Dark Star Quantum Lab to Reveal Classical-Quantum Hybrid Circuit

Dark Star
Dark Star Quantum Lab hosts a discussion on its products and production model.

Dark Star Quantum Lab reveals their Dark Leaf classical-quantum hybrid circuit at a free on-line mock assembly demo discussion found here on Saturday, April 17 from 12 to 2 p.m. (EDT), according to a company statement.

The discussion will be hosted by Middle East and South Asia (MESA) Quantum Technology meetup founder Dr. Faisal Shah Khan, who is also the Dark Star founding Chief Science Advisor (CSA).

According to the company founders, the Dark Leaf is an “artificial leaf,” or a circuit that is inspired by classical-quantum (hybrid) processes in nature, like photosynthesis.

“Dark Star is investigating reverse-engineering of DoD printed circuit board (PCB) equipment to upgrade with the Dark Leaf,” said David Wilkinson, CEO. “We designed a solution for the security vs. open architecture conundrum by way of the Dark Box firmware that is part of the Dark Leaf.”

Participants can learn about Dark Leaf benefits including security against zero-day threats, communication with provable intrusion detection and enhanced sensing.

“It is well understood that quantum effects, like quantum entanglement, play a fundamental role in the functioning of photosynthesis,” said Khan. “Plants are macroscopic, yet somehow access the machinery of quantum mechanics inside chlorophyl molecules. This is what quantum information scientists want to achieve. It makes sense to emulate what Nature has been doing so well for millions of years, that is, creating a circuit that is a hybrid of classical (a plant) and quantum (chlorophyll molecules) mechanisms. Given its potential for diverse applications, Dark Leaf is a step toward realization of devices like the tricorder from Star Trek.”

The Dark Star Quantum Garage™ will also discussed. This model is an upgrade shop where classical and quantum components are interfaced together to give improved or new functionality. Quantum Garage is based on the 1980’s personal computer manufacturing “garage” model and enables transition from classical to quantum technologies, as tools that are used in everyday life. While fully quantum processor development is still underway, enough quantum communication components are available for entrepreneurs of the same attitude as Jobs, Wozniak and Gates to put these components together cleverly and create new solutions and markets.

“When the Project Management Institute (PMI) asked me to lead by example, next generation project management, I could think of no better example than this project setup with multi-vendor cooperative rapid application development (RAD) to mitigate risk and pivot to meet DoD requirements,” said Dave D’Silva, Dark Star COO and Chief Project Officer.


Speakers at the event will include demonstration and application specialist, Roy Perez of Voltera 3D Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturer; Dave D’Silva, Dark Star COO and Chief Project Officer; and Dark Star Interns Charanya (Charan) Puviraj, PCB specialist; and Aaron the Quantum Qid, leader of the Quantum Qid Youth Meetup.


Dark Star is a U.S. start-up that provides quantum information technology hardware and software solutions for civilian, defense and space domains. Dark Star three goals are enable the circular (quantum) economy value-chain, enable the transition from classical to quantum technologies and make investment in the quantum eco-system user friendly.

Dark Star’s Quantum City™: Qantonment — standing for quantum military cantonment — is a quantum networking project. The opening of the Dark Star state-of-the-art 22,000 square foot Quantum Garage facility located in Fuquay-Varina is integral to the second phase of this project. The second phase targets engagements with defense and space partners. A near term Dark Star goal is partnering with DOD to set conditions for the development of a full-scale quantum city. This partnership would be of strategic importance for quantum computing (simulation), quantum sensing, and quantum communication.

Interviews are available by contacting Jianshu (Vera) Cui or via sending a request at www.darkstarquantumlab.com.

Matt Swayne
Matt Swayne
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