About Us

The Quantum Daily (TQD) is the leading online resource dedicated exclusively to Quantum Computing.

Quantum Computing (QC) is at the cusp of becoming the centre of technological discourse, yet few can claim to have a fundamental understanding of its capabilities and applications. It’s easy to see why: over the last decade, QC has moved from the strict purview of quantum physicists and computer scientists to a domain promising the next wave of transformational technology; the backbone to artificial intelligence, fintech, augmented reality and blockchain.

Our aim, then, is to shed some light on the mysterious world of atomically challenged cats, superposition and qudits. TQD offers incisively written articles, clear information and data for everyone from the curious Sunday newspaper reader to the research scientist. We try and stick to three principles, but as anyone who has read a dummies guide to quantum mechanics knows, principles can sometimes be challenged:

1. We like maths but not everyone does: We are a firm believer in the hard science that underpins QC, but we also recognize that understanding an introductory paper on the subject requires a leap of understanding for new readers. Therefore, in order to be inclusive of those new to QC, we sometimes prioritize understandability and brevity over elegant proofs and detail.

2. That’s interesting, so what?: Any new innovation will be host to rampant speculation. We aim to offer informed, critical assessments of what potential implications of QC developments could be, without veering into tarot reading.

3. Context is everything: We believe that to really start to understand QC, it helps to come at the topic from different perspectives. Articles and publications are widely dispersed through various publications who have different journalistic focus – we try and bring this all together in one place.

TQD is run and supported by its founders and we would love to hear your feedback. You can contact us at hello@thequantumdaily.com