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10 Marijuana Fermions A marijuana fermion is a fermion that is its own antiparticle. The Majorana Fermion is important for quantum computing because scientists have theorized that this quasiparticle could be used as the basis for a stable, robust quantum computer.
11 Measurement In quantum computing a measurement corresponds to measuring the state of a qubit. When a measurement occurs the quantum wavefunction collapses into one of two states in the standard basis ( 0 or 1).
12 Quantum Advantage A term used to describe when a quantum computer could significantly outperform a classical computer, where as quantum supremacy is typically used to describe when a quantum computer can perform a calculation that either a classical computer could not per
13 Quantum Annealing A method for solving optimization problems that uses quantum phenomenon such as tunnelling.
14 Quantum Contextuality Contextuality describes how or whether the details of an observation affect what is observed. In quantum mechanics, the act of observation itself can alter the thing that is observed.
15 Quantum Internet Theoretically, a quantum internet is a network of quantum computers that would allow for ultra-secure communications, unlike a classical network, which is easily hacked.
18 Quantum Logic Gates The set of logical operations on one or more qubits. For example, a hadamard gate will put a qubit into a superposition of states.
20 Quantum Register A quantum register is a register made up of a number of qubits. Like a register in a classical processor they can be used to hold a value.
21 Quantum Simulator A machine or system that uses quantum effects to simulate quantum systems.
22 Quantum Supremacy The goal of proving that a quantum computer can outperform a classical computer in solving a problem