TQD's Quantum Investment Dashboard

The TQD team has collected global funding data across companies developing and selling quantum technology. This includes investments from angels, venture capital firms, corporate institutions, and government institutions. We have provided a more detailed investor map here.

This dashboard is connected to our wider data set which includes further details on company classifications and is commercially available upon request. Please contact us at hello@thequantumdaily.com for more information.


As of mid-June 2020 (year-to-date), over $350 million (disclosed) was invested in quantum computing technology. The majority of this funding comes from private funding (e.g. venture capital firms, angels, etc.), however we have included grant programmes for completeness.

In October of 2019, Google claimed quantum supremacy. This has encouraged a surge of investor interest. Breakthroughs, tipping points, and lots of iteration and determination are all a part of what is allowing quantum computing to become more of a viable investment.

Company Type & Geography Segments

A large portion of companies in the quantum computing space are working on the core technologies for building efficient quantum computers. Because of this, most companies are working on Full Stack solutions or Quantum Computers (the difference being that Full Stack companies are also developing software and middleware). On the smaller portion of the chart is going to be companies with a more specific focus e.g. quantum sensors and imaging, quantum software and hardware components. Click here to learn more about how we classify organizations.

The below right pie chart shows that the United States has the majority stake in quantum computing with ~50% stake while Canada comes in at ~20%. Although smaller countries bring in less funding, they still bring in quality quantum computing companies. China is a notable omission and is driven by lack of public disclosure of private investments.

Top Companies by Funding

The below bar chart shows that the top company by funding is PsiQuantum with ~$280 million in funding raised. PsiQuantum is targeting to build the first scalable general purpose quantum computer. D-Wave comes in second with ~$200 million in funding accumulated over a number of years. D-Wave is targeting at building computers that optimize for specific problems. By taking a quick look at the top companies by funding we can see a few examples of where investors are expecting the first major breakthroughs.