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IonQ secures $55 million in latest funding round

As Google and IBM fight it out over whether quantum supremacy has finally been reached or not, investment money continues to pour into quantum...
Quantum applications

As supremacy debate continues, Google CEO expects quantum applications in a decade

Although the notion of quantum supremacy is still being debated, researchers, including Google scientists, officially released their paper in Nature describing how they may...
Canadian quantum computing

Los Alamos Lab Purchases Latest D-Wave Offering

Five Thousand A quantum computer, a 5000-qubit model, is set to be installed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) next year. Apart from the...
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Australia’s Q-CTRL raises $15 million after Series A funding round

Hard Slog Being a startup can be tough when you’re struggling for cash. This problem is magnified ten-fold in the quantum computing (QC) industry where...
quantum computing startup

Startup QC Ware Announces Forge Cloud Platform Release

Forge News from the quantum computing (QC) space is that startup QC Ware has announced a beta version of its ‘quantum-computing-as-a-service platform Forge, which is...
Harvard Born Quantum Computing

Harvard Born Quantum Computing Startup Aliro Raises $2.7 Million

Flexing The Muscles More good news out of the quantum technologies startup space. Aliro Technologies, which started life out at Harvard innovation labs, has raised $2.7...

What is Quantum Supremacy? And has Google Achieved it?

Quantum supremacy is the point at which a quantum computer can do calculations a conventional (classical) computer realistically cannot. Straight away you will notice...
quantum computing industry

The Headhunter & The Headhunted: Hiring in QC

Hunk Of Flesh As a tech industry becomes more popular — by that I mean the potential in its fundamental technology becomes more apparent through successful use cases...
quantum technologies

Quantum & AI Worlds Collide

Blank Expression “What are quantum computers and AI? Seems like a fair question. Ask it to the average passer-by on the street, though, and chances are they’ll give...
Spanish Bank’s Quantum

Spanish Bank’s Quantum Fintech Leap

Odious Hackers The banking system has never been under so much pressure to secure its business from outside threats, both at home and abroad. As...
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